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Host Inventory

Comprising the AWS and Azure sub-modules, this module empowers users to discover, update and take actions on specific hosts with regard to individual client inventories, directly from its interface.

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Service Catalog

This intuitive module enables end users to quickly self-provision cloud instances built from standardized, tagged images, based on their preferred configurations, environments and regions.

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It allows enterprise users to orchestrate cloud applications with a few clicks and a playbook. In case of application reruns, users can simply reuse the previously uploaded scripts, or create a new copy in line with their requirements.

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Wide Spectrum of Integration Platforms

Awards & Recognition

2021 Business Pioneer of the Year

2021 Best Cloud Management Platforms

2020 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

Best Cloud Platform Award 2019

10 Best Cloud Management Solution providers of 2019

IT operations keep getting more complex with the growing adoption of cloud computing, across various IaaS and PaaS. The lack of robust integration between disparate, fragmented solutions is preventing enterprises from generating a holistic view of their infrastructure and applications. Organizations must reimagine their infrastructure and service management systems to boost operational efficiency and service quality., Trianz’s integrated cloud and infrastructure operations management platform, deeply fuses with state-of-the-art independent software vendor applications to orchestrate seamless cloud infrastructure operations, and provide a comprehensive view of infrastructure and applications spanning IaaS and PaaS. The platform also offers a turnkey core ITSM features in a gamified, simple manner.

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