Grow by Enabling Customer Success on the Hybrid Cloud

Migrate customer workloads faster, provide cloud managed services at scale on a SaaS platform and optimize cloud spend

We’ve built a state-of-the-art platform to address the end-to-end cloud journey. And we’ve made it available to systems integrators and managed services providers so that we can make it easy for customers- together

Winning with Customers

Migrate More Customers

Concierto Migrate is a ‘zero-code’ migration platform that allows bulk migrations of applications and infrastructure from on-prem to any cloud. With simplified, automated, and almost cloud agnostic processes your teams can handle migrations to all the 3 hyper-scalers- and deliver them faster.

This means you can expand your migration services portfolio, handle more customers, with a simpler talent model and lesser headcount. The best part- you pay us for VMs migrated.

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Manage with a SaaS Cloud Platform

Concierto Manage is a SaaS platform that takes only weeks to configure for the most complex enterprises or their business units. It comes with pre-built automation catalogs for AWS, Azure, GCP and even On-Prem.

Concierto has full scale hybrid cloud monitoring, provisioning, ITSM, health-check, patching and event management capabilities driven by powerful multi-cloud CMDB and orchestration engines.

This means that you can onboard customers rapidly and manage the complete IT real-estate for them- all with the same team in a shared services model. The best part- remove redundant legacy software, pay by VM, improve your customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Maximize and unlock Value

A lot of your time goes in simply managing customers, dealing with SLAs and optimizing cloud waste. Concierto Maximize enables planning of SLAs, performance threshold, spending limits and event based triggers. This means you can forecast and control your performance as well as your customers’ spend across all clouds.

As you make proactive recommendations to your customers- you will uncover new services opportunities to help them optimize. The best part- all this can be presented to your customers through a real-time analytics portal without needing a single call or email.

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Enabling Partners to Succeed and Grow

You succeed when your customers succeed. And we succeed when you succeed. Enabling the success of partners- one at a time is the motto at Concierto.

Joint Enterprise Customer Pursuits

We will work with your sales and services teams throughout the sales cycle presenting the platform, conducting demos, responding to RFPs and help you win.

Customer Onboarding Assistance

For your first 10 Migrate or Manage Customers, we will help you onboard and manage them for 30 days at no extra cost to you. You will find Concierto to be very simple and easy to use- and your teams will run on their own from thereon but we are just a call or email away.

A One-Stop-Shop Partner Portal

Once you are on-boarded as a Concierto Partner, you will gain access to a world-class partner portal to manage your entire customer journey. You can register new deals, request for demos, seek onboarding assistance, reach technical support and make suggestions for new features.

You can also manage your Concierto contracts, consumption and billing through easy online processes.

Free Training & Certification

We will train your initial team across all major roles from sales to platform administration, migrations, operations and analytics- for FREE.

The Concierto Learning Portal provides you with a broad array of e-learning and certification programs that your practice leaders can choose to create well trained teams for migrations, management and optimization of the hybrid cloud.

The best part- your current teams that may be managing On-Prem environments can easily learn about cloud management.

The Many Ways Concierto Helps you Win

Expand your services portfolio and revenue opportunity- exponentially.

Expand Migration Capabilities- across all Cloud

One single process for migration from discovery to assessments; from planning to approvals; from creating landing zones to scheduling or executing migrations. This means you no longer have to be limited to one cloud.

Grow your business by delivering migrations to any of the three major platforms- AWS, Azure and GCP.

Expand Managed Services to 3 Clouds AND On-Prem

Similarly, hybrid cloud management in Concierto is run by automated and harmonized processes across AWS, Azure, GCP and On-Prem/Private clouds. All hybrid cloud processes are ‘click through’ and have been simplified to L1-L2 levels requiring no coding or deep cloud specific skills.

So, if you’re a managed services provider who specializes only in one cloud or on-prem, here’s your opportunity to quadruple your managed services portfolio.

Expand Managed Services to Cover all Layers of IT

Concierto Manage runs on the concept of full-stack container or VM management with hyper-automated and simplified processes.

This means that you do not have to restrict yourself to one or two layers of infrastructure such as OS or storage or network management. In fact, you can expand to managing the full stack including applications and databases- across the three major clouds and on-prem

Do more with Less People

Great demand cloud services leads to a top-line growth opportunity. However, delivery is not easy due to the massive shortage of skilled talent.

Concierto simplifies this in three ways- a reduction in overall headcount by up to 30%, a simplification of processes to L1-L2 level which means fewer engineers and more operators and finally by helping you create a shared services model across clouds, IT layers and even across customers.

This means it will be easier to build and retain versatile hybrid cloud teams, deliver services and improve profitability.

Reduce third Party Software Spend in Managed Services

With built in hybrid cloud monitoring, ITOM, event management, CMDB and orchestration capabilities- Concierto makes legacy ITSM, CMDB, orchestration tools and other third party tools redundant. This enables you to reduce software spend and improve your margins.

Elevate your Value Add-uncover New Opportunities

SI’s and MSPs are often buried in simply executing migrations or managing various environments. To add to the stress is the constant explanation of SLA performance and cloud spend. Concierto Maximize is a predictive analytics platform eliminates a majority of this.

With pre-configured dashboards show all vital statistics and identify optimization opportunities proactively. This changes your dialogue and your game with customers creating new ways to drive efficiency and opportunities for you.

Becoming a Concierto Partner

There are no licenses to sell and there are no minimum SW revenue thresholds to meet. Every SI and MSP is welcome.

Every SI and MSP Starts with the Same Opportunity

You could be an SI or an MSP of any size, working on any cloud or on-prem or in any region in the world- the opportunity to change your game and grow with Concierto is available.

Concierto is an enable- how far you go is entirely dependent on how well you sell and deliver cloud services.

You are not Selling Concierto- you are Consuming it to Deliver Services

Unlike every software and tools company which requires you to sell their products- Concierto explicitly does not have any SW revenue targets. Simply win business and consume the platform as you need to deliver your services.

Partnership Tiers & Benefits

Concierto partnership tiers are driven by consumption metrics such as number of customers or tenants, migrations, certified employees etc.

The larger your customer base and consumption- the more training and certification, customer support and pricing discounts

A Simple Process for Becoming a Concierto Partner

Once you are certified as a Partner, you are ready to get going. We’ll be there to help you onboard your early workloads and begin changing your game!


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