Concierto Manage

Manage hybrid cloud ops across AWS, Azure, GCP and On-Prem from one pane of glass

Concierto MANAGE allows enterprises to manage and operate the entire lifecycle of applications and infrastructure from provisioning to decommissioning across AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem or private clouds with a unified platform and process. Deliver more services with fewer resources, and deliver at scale.

Concierto MANAGE

The only true SaaS Hybrid Cloud Ops platform with an out of the box catalog with 500+ automations, common processes and multi-environment orchestration for AWS, Azure, GCP and On-Prem/Private Cloud. Concierto beats legacy ITSM platforms hands-down

Competitive Landscape
Features Concierto MANAGE Legacy ITSM Tools
Deployment Model, Timelines and Availability True SaaS, 8-10 Weeks Cloud hosted, 4 – 6 Months
Out of the Box integrations with third party tools 50+ 20+
Hybrid Cloud Operations- AWS, Azure, GCP, On-Prem/Private Cloud
Applications and infrastructure discovery Agentless Partial / Agent based
Out of the Box Task level automations for all clouds & on-prem 500+
Out of the Box Wizards and customizable workflows , Partial
Real-time Multi-cloud Configurable CMDB , Not configurable
Out of the box, Multi-Cloud Orchestration Engine Concierto Hercules Native, No Extra Cost third Party, License required
Hybrid cloud IT Operations- Incident, Request, Change, Problem, KB
Automated Health Check and Patch Management
Monitoring Concierto- Eagle Eye Native- No Extra Cost third Party, License required
Intelligent Event Management Concierto Native- Kleino No-Extra Cost third Party, License required
Multi-cloud automation policy, request and fulfilment workflows , Professional services required for workflows & automations
Licensing Model Per VM Managed, Unlimited Users Per User
Version Upgrades Automatic, Continuous, Hot- Zero Cost Upgrades Manual, Six-monthly to annual; Cost Uplift, Expensive upgrades

Concierto.Cloud Features

features Hybrid Cloud Provisioning & Decommissioning User Administration Catalog, Incident , Change & Event Management Orchestration & Optimization Dynamic Hybrid Cloud CMDB Infra Health Checks & Compliance Automated Patch Management 360° Infra Analytics
  • OS
  • APPS

Hybrid Cloud Provisioning & Decommissioning

A powerful and extensible orchestration engine featuring automation catalog for self-service support for multi-tenant deployment and integration with multi-cloud CMDB.

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Environment, OS & Applications Provisioning

  • Containerized and Non-Containerized Application Deployment


User Administration

Comprehensive control on secure user access & identity enabled by multi-tenancy, federated SSO based authentication, group-based access, and policy control. Architected for end-to-end security & high availability.

  • Group Based Segregation

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Resource Administration

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Catalog Incident, Change & Event Management

Comprehensive multi-cloud and on-prem IT service management capabilities that can be delivered from a single console to any environment.

  • Automated Incident or Event Creation

  • Centralized Event Management and Automated Suggestions

  • ITIL Compliant Catalog, Incident and Change Management

  • Intelligent Noise Reduction, Rules & Filters

  • Event De-duplication & Correlations

  • Automated Prioritization

  • RCA and Impact Analysis

  • One Click Remediation

  • Integration with Third Party ITSM Solutions/CMDB


Automated Orchestration & Multi-Cloud Optimization

State-of-the-art containerized and non-containerized orchestration capabilities supported by total visibility across all clouds. Concierto.Cloud provides the ability to move applications from on-prem to cloud.

  • Pipeline Management with Terraform and Other Platforms

  • Baseline Automation Across the Platforms

  • Build your own Config/Event Automations

  • Applications or Container Deployment

  • Multi-Cloud Container Movement and Optimization


Dynamic Hybrid Cloud CMDB

Perhaps the world’s most advanced CMDB which is updated with asset information and changes across all cloud and on-prem environments near real time.

  • Single Source of Truth for ALL Cloud & On-prem CIS

  • Transparent Management of Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure Supporting Cloud Compute, Storage

  • Microservices and Container Elements

  • Automated and Event Driven CI Synchronization


Infra Health Checks & Compliance

  • Compliance Blueprints by Tenant

  • Current Baselines and Gaps

  • Audit Ready Compliance Reports

  • Public Cloud Platform Changes & Suggestions

  • Revisions and Upgrades to Blueprints

  • Automated Remediations


Automated Patch Management

Manage patches across servers across environments through rule-based prioritization, sequencing and patch selection capabilities. Dramatically reduce manual work.

  • Automated Scans Across Windows and Unix Servers

  • Automated Patch Sequencing, Staging, and Execution

  • Alerts and Failure Remediation


360° Infra Analytics

  • Real-time and Periodic Reports

  • Performance, Utilization, Consumption, Financial Projections, Historical Spend

  • Threshold Analytics and Failure Prevention

  • Cloud Consumption and Cost Optimization

  • Enterprise SW License Optimization Opportunities


Concierto MANAGE accelerates time to market and productivity and lowers your TCO





10 Weeks

  • To deploy Concierto MANAGE Platform

  • Launch hybrid cloud Ops from Day 1

One Team

To Manage AWS, Azure, GCP and On-Prem environments


Gain total visibility All Cloud and On-Prem real estate with Concierto CMDB

~30% Lesser Steady State Costs

Reduce ITSM & third party SW costs with Concierto native solutions


  • Faster time to market

  • Utilize thousands of automations-out of the box for all environments


  • Lesser headcount

  • Deploy true shared services model across all clouds and On-Prem

100% Control

Plan, forecast and control cloud spend as well as optimize instantly

Zero Automation Costs

Eliminate custom automation work by leveraging Concierto automation libraries


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