Drive Rapid VMware to AWS Migrations and Manage the Hybrid Cloud with Ease on Concierto

Revolutionizing VMware to AWS Migrations is thrilled to announce the launch of its Global Partner Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at redefining cloud management across the globe. As pioneers in hyper-automated and zero-code cloud management solutions, our new program is set to amplify the capabilities of Migration Specialists, MSPs, and AWS migration specialists, enabling seamless VMware to AWS migrations and robust hybrid cloud management.

Why Join Our Global Partner Program?

  • High Velocity Migrations:

    Concierto Migrate is a SaaS and zero-code platform that delivers some of the highest velocity migrations from VMware or other on-prem virtualized environments to the cloud. Given its zero-code nature, services require fewer and less experienced talent to deliver rapid migrations to customers.

  • Sophisticated yet Simplified Managed Services:

    Concierto Manage provides an all-encompassing platform that consolidates numerous tools into a single, comprehensive hybrid cloud operations covering provisioning Cloud ITSM and special ops such as monitoring, event management, health checks, patch management and decommissioning. This not only streamlines processes but also enhances control and insight across your cloud and on-prem environments.

  • Build Customer Trust through Transparency and Efficiency:

    Concierto Maximize provides 360-degree visibility into SLAs, performance, events, and anomalies. The FinOps capability in Concierto is unmatched, allowing customers to set budgets, triggers, and identify anomalies that can be remediated instantly through AI-based automations. By offering transparency and enabling better ROI on their cloud investments, Concierto instils trust and confidence in customers.

  • Drive Excellence:

    With, you can focus on accelerating migration velocity and elevating the quality of service. Our platform ensures ease of use and supreme customer satisfaction, empowering you to deliver superior managed services and migrations with confidence.

Program Benefits:

  • In-Depth Training and Certification:

    Master with exclusive training sessions and certifications, enriching your ability to deliver enhanced service and customer satisfaction.

  • Marketing and Sales Empowerment:

    Gain access to a vast array of marketing materials, co-branding opportunities, and sales tools designed to fuel growth and open new revenue avenues.

  • Expert Support and Collaboration:

    Benefit from dedicated technical support and the opportunity to influence product development. Tailor solutions to meet the precise needs of your clients.

  • Lucrative Revenue Opportunities:

    Enjoy competitive margins and performance-based incentives that not only reward success but also promote a profitable partnership.

Join Us Today

The Global Partner Program is open to AWS Partners, certified MSPs, technology providers, resellers, and consultants eager to lead the cloud revolution. For more information and to apply, please visit Step into a partnership that goes beyond technology, designed to transform and lead the cloud industry forward.

Contact Info:

For more information about the Global Partner Program, please contact:

Ciji Joseph, Director of Partner Relations,

Email: [email protected]


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