AWS recommends Concierto for Automated VMware to AWS Migrations

In recent times, the VMware ecosystem has undergone significant shifts, attributed to Broadcom's acquisition of VMware. These changes have presented substantial challenges for VMWare customers. Pricing model adjustments, product discontinuations, and revised package offerings have left many businesses uncertain about their cloud journey forward. Adding to the complexity, customers are given a tight window of 4 to 6 weeks to accept Broadcom's new terms and conditions before contract renewal, causing widespread chaos among customers.

Historically, VMware has been a pillar in virtualization and cloud computing. However, these strategic alterations have forced organizations to make tough decisions: either allocate more resources to IT budgets to accommodate the higher price for VMware Licenses and stay on-prem or invest in the cloud which is their eventual destination for scaling IT ops, gaining cost efficiency and harnessing AI for transforming their business. In this evolving landscape, AWS has emerged as the compelling cloud platform for targeting rapid transformations.

To help customers understand their current landscape, quickly explore options on AWS, migrate, and manage their hybrid cloud efficiently- AWS has offered various pathways and programs. AWS also recommends Concierto as the platform of choice for customers as they embark on this transition and for hybrid cloud ops.

Introducing Concierto by Trianz

Concierto is a hyper-automated zero-code SaaS platform that simplifies and accelerates VMware to AWS migrations consisting of 3 key solutions that enable your ‘end-end’ cloud journey.

  • Concierto Migrate enables applications & infrastructure migrations, and architectural evaluation & setting the stage for modernization.

  • Concierto Manage helps IT operations and managed service providers (MSPs) by allowing them to manage the entire cycle from provisioning to cloud service management, special operations such as monitoring, event management, health checks, and security from a single pane of glass for all hybrid cloud operations.

  • Concierto Maximize provides not just observability across all aspects of cloud management as listed above but its FinOps capabilities also allow companies to predefine budgets, set thresholds, and remediate anomalies through AI.

Concierto in the VMware Exit Context

Concierto is a comprehensive platform designed to address every aspect of the cloud migration journey and beyond under one umbrella. By leveraging Concierto, businesses can achieve rapid and seamless transitions from VMware to AWS while ensuring operational continuity, excellence, and cost-efficiency. Here is a detailed look at what Concierto brings to the table:

Lightning-fast VMware Assessments & Cloud Foundations

Concierto takes less than 6 hours to deploy, a few days to connect with source infrastructure and applications, and instantly generate comprehensive assessments of your current infrastructure, applications, and their dependencies and provide recommendations for your AWS landscape. The platform engages users and decision-makers through workflows to enable rapid decisions. Unlike manual processes which consume months and are subject to human interpretations and errors, Concierto’s assessments are system-generated, objective, and utilized in actual migrations.

Automated & Efficient VMware Migrations

Concierto’s zero-code technology simplifies the complex process of planning, approving, scheduling, and migrating VMware workloads to AWS. With logical grouping, sequencing & automated engagement, alerts, approvals, and execution, Concierto eliminates the need for extensive coding, manual interventions, and operational disruption. With a 98%+ accuracy, Concierto Migrate not only reduces the time and effort required for migration but also minimizes errors and rework ensuring a reliable and efficient migration process.

Predictable Outcomes

With state-of-the-art automation, advanced analytics, and real-time monitoring capabilities, Concierto guarantees dependable migration outcomes. The platform leverages these technologies to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and ensure predictable results. Real-time monitoring provides visibility into the migration process, allowing for timely adjustments and proactive management to address potential issues before they impact operations. To back up its outcome orientation- Concierto is priced based on VMs and applications migrated and not on a time and material or per-user license basis.

Comprehensive Day 2 Hybrid Cloud Operations Capability

Migrations from VMware to AWS have the potential to disrupt operations as the workforce managing on-prem is usually not trained or certified to manage the cloud. Concierto offers a seamless transition and extensive capability in managing day-to-day operations in the cloud. This includes provisioning, service management, special ops such as monitoring, health checks, security, event management, and de-commissioning. The best part is customers can manage their cloud environments and On-prem from a single pane of glass. Maintain high performance, uninterrupted and secure operations, and efficient resource management long after your migration from VMware is complete.

Advanced Observability, FinOps & Remediation Capabilities

Concierto provides sophisticated observability and FinOps capabilities, powered by AI-driven recommendations, to offer deep insights into service level agreements (SLAs), performance metrics, events, capacity utilization, and financials. Businesses can set granular accountability, budgets, thresholds, triggers, and tracking, AI capabilities in the platform automatically recommend optimization opportunities to help achieve greater visibility, financial control, and operational efficiency in their AWS environments.

Scalable Across Business Sizes

Concierto’s scalable solutions are designed to meet the needs of large global 2000, mid-sized enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The platform is adept at handling hybrid and multi-cloud environments during migration and in cloud ops, providing flexible and efficient management regardless of the business size. This scalability ensures that all organizations can benefit from Concierto’s advanced capabilities, whether they are managing a few workloads or an entire enterprise IT infrastructure.

Easy Workforce Transition

The day after Migrations is not easy, especially in the VMware context as the workforce that manages these on-prem environments may or may not be trained on managing the AWS cloud. Concierto is designed to facilitate quick learning, intuitive and easy adoption by teams accustomed to on-prem virtualized infrastructures. The platform’s user-friendly interface, in-built and external e-learning programs, and comprehensive support resources simplify the transition from traditional IT environments to modern cloud-based operations. This ease of learning and use ensures that businesses not only minimize transitional disruptions but also leverage in-house talent and their experience with the company to manage all hybrid-multi cloud scenarios under one team.

Unmatched Global Support

Combining the robust infrastructure of AWS with the expertise of Trianz, Concierto offers unparalleled global support. This ensures smooth migrations and continuous operations worldwide. Whether dealing with regional compliance issues, data sovereignty concerns, or simply ensuring optimal performance across different geographic locations, Concierto’s global support network provides the resources and expertise needed to navigate these challenges successfully.

Exclusive Offers from Concierto for VMware to AWS Migration

To further support businesses in their migration journey, Concierto is offering exclusive deals for VMware to AWS migrations:

Rapid Assessment, TCO Analysis & Cloud Foundation as a FREE Service

Concierto Services or one of its partners will deliver an assessment within weeks for any SMB, mid-size, or large enterprise at NO CHARGE. Customers can sign up for a free demo followed by an automated Assessment, Current & Future Financials, several foundational activities, and plans essential for launching VMware migrations.Please visit Concierto VMWare Migrations

Rapid Migration with guaranteed outcomes

Our goal is to help you migrate within deadlines and avoid cost increases and onerous penalties. Given that Concierto is architected as a SaaS for your entire cloud journey, all the work done in the Assessment phase sets up your tenant from which you can immediately trigger actual migrations once you and AWS have reached an agreement on cloud pricing and support SLAs. Single or multi-instance grids will deliver thousands of migrations in simultaneity, accelerating your entire migration. Given that our migrations are powered by software- we can guarantee successful outcomes at a pace that you commit to.

Fixed Price Migrations- Supported by AWS

Since your migrations are powered by the Concierto software with automated and predictable outcomes- we can provide you with a fixed-price migration service. Concierto offers per server-based fixed pricing, providing financial predictability and helping businesses avoid unexpected costs. For a limited time, Trianz & AWS are supporting customers migrating to the AWS cloud by subsidizing a sizeable portion of your migration costs. This transparent and subsidized pricing model ensures that businesses execute migrations rapidly at a very low upfront cost.

FREE 60-Day Extended Assurance & Hybrid Cloud Management Support

Beyond the initial migration, Trianz-Concierto will provide FREE post-migration managed services for 60 days on Concierto Manage. This extended assurance assures businesses that they will receive continuous operational support and management after migrations without worrying about disruptions.

Conclusion- Migrate quickly and prepare your Digital Future

The shifting dynamics within VMware, especially under Broadcom's acquisition, are bound to affect your business, if not today, then certainly soon. This ongoing uncertainty makes your business susceptible to abrupt policy changes, cost increases, and potential disruptions. Why remain in this precarious situation when the ultimate destination is the cloud?

Take decisive action now to secure a robust, scalable, and future-proof cloud environment with AWS and Concierto. By choosing Concierto, you are not just migrating from VMware but solving your next challenge as well. In reality, you are preparing to transform your business with cutting-edge ops, applications, data & AI services from AWS ensuring sustained excellence and competitive advantage in the cloud & AI era.

Ready to embark on your AWS journey? Contact us today and let us manage your AWS adoption. With Concierto, your migration is in expert hands, paving the way for a brighter, more stable future for your business. Act now and take the first step towards cloud excellence with AWS and Concierto. Please visit Concierto VMWare Migrations


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