Seamless Cloud Migration with Concierto Migrate Professional Services

Harness the expertise of Concierto migration professionals and the efficiency of the hyper-automated Concierto Migrate platform for effortless cloud migrations

Struggling with the Complexity of Cloud Migrations?

Migrating to the cloud is a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to enhance scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. However, the complexity of migrating from on-premises environments to cloud platforms can be daunting.

Concierto Migration Service Simplifies this for you!!

Concierto Migration Services offer seamless and expertly managed cloud migrations powered by a hyper-automated, SaaS and zero code platform. From detailed infrastructure & applications discovery to performance baseline assessments; comprehensive migration planning, execution and cutover, our Software based hyper-automated migration service handles the entire migration cycle. Concierto Migration services deliver highly predictable, efficient, low management overhead and above all, a velocity that is over 50% faster than traditional methods.

Our Offerings

Our professional services are tailored to meet your specific migration needs.

Our offerings include:

Rapid Deployment of Migration SaaS Tenant

Concierto Professional Services will set up your Concierto Migrate tenant within 24 hours of a request, ensuring quick initiation of the migration process.

Quick Migration Scope, Inventory, and Questionnaire Exchange

We provide easy-to-complete questionnaires for your IT Ops, forming the basis for launching the assessment within days.

Detailed Non-Agent Based Discovery, Apps & Infra Assessment & TCO Analysis

Concierto Migration Assessment delivers a full inventory of VMs, storage, network configurations, and application dependencies. It evaluates current systems’ scalability, performance, and compatibility, identifying potential improvements and optimizations. The services provide objective, system-driven assessments that are completed in weeks rather than months.

Comprehensive Migration Planning

Work done during the assessment phase is reused and automatically transitions into detailed migration planning. This includes creating Move Groups; to align the migration of applications from On-Prem to hyperscalers, aligning migration priorities, creating landing zones, and scheduling migrations.

Rapid, Hyper-Automated & minimal manual intervention-based Migration Execution

Leveraging the Concierto Migrate platform, our teams execute migrations rapidly with minimal downtime. Workloads are moved smoothly, with automated pre and post-migration activities, and the entire process is pre-scheduled, ensuring continuous monitoring and real-time adjustments as needed.

100% Visibility Through the Migration Portal & & Low Management overhead for Customers

Concierto provides complete visibility into discoveries, assessments, and migration plans/schedules using built-in workflows with notifications for relevant teams about progress and any necessary deviations, driving speed and efficiency throughout the process.

Post-Migration Support and Optimization

After the migration, and as per the agreed upon scope, ongoing support is provided which ensures the new cloud environment operates smoothly, maintaining high performance and efficiency. Trianz’s CSO(Customer Success Office) fosters long-term collaboration with our partners providing technical assistance, best practices and support in migration delivery services to their end customers.

Special De-Commissioning Services

On special request, Concierto Migration Services can manage the de-commissioning of applications and infrastructure in legacy on-prem and hyperscaler environments.

Scalable across Business sizes, Geographies, and Industries

Concierto Migrate is built to accommodate the needs of both large global enterprises operating across multiple geographies and business units, as well as simple, emerging businesses. Regardless of size or industry, our Migration Services are adaptable and scalable to meet your unique requirements.

Security & Certifications

Leading certifications and accreditations including ISO 20001, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, SOC I & SOC II, GDPR, MSP Verify, PCI DSS and CSA STAR. Custom certifications are available upon request.


Zero In on Efficient Cloud Migrations!

Accelerated Migration Velocity

Achieve cloud migration over 50% faster than traditional methods. Leveraging the hyper-automated Concierto Migrate platform, our teams execute migrations rapidly and with minimal downtime, ensuring a swift transition to the cloud.

Comprehensive and Detailed Assessments

Gain a full inventory of your infrastructure and applications, along with a thorough performance and compatibility evaluation.

Minimal Client Involvement

Reduce the burden on your IT team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Maintain 100% oversight and control throughout the migration process ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Reliable Post-Migration Support

Achieve a seamless transition with Concierto’s dedicated support and optimization services, ensuring your cloud environment operates at peak efficiency while managing legacy de-commissioning.

Supercharge Your Cloud Migration with Concierto Migrate!

Let our professional services team, powered by the robust Concierto Migrate SaaS and zero code platform, handle the complexities of your cloud migration. We streamline the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition for your applications, operating systems, and databases. With Concierto Migrate, you can focus on strategic decisions, accelerate your cloud transformation and stay confident that your migration is in expert hands.


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