Revolutionizing Cloud Migrations: Achieving Speed and Precision in Landing Zone Creation


Lokesh Kumar Deshmukh, Sr.Manager – BD Enablement

Adoption of cloud computing has moved from being critical a few years ago to becoming a strategic necessity for enterprises to succeed in the current digital ecosystem. Today, they are relying on cloud-native services and apps to promote innovation, agility, and cost efficiency. While cloud offers an attractive route to achieve agility and scalability, moving workloads can be just as exhausting as pushing a boulder up a hill. According to Gartner, cloud migration offers unique challenges. Gartner’s Philip Dawson explains, “Cloud migration initiatives for enterprise applications are often thwarted by application size, high levels of customization and insufficient skills. Before migrating applications, I&O leaders must break down the barriers by modernizing infrastructure and applications into Cloudlike configurations.”

In cloud migrations, one of the very important steps is creation of landing zones. Landing Zones are essential as they provide a controlled, secure, and uniform environment for the deployment and management of cloud resources, promoting scalability, economic viability, and operational efficiency. Creating a landing zone is critical, but it also involves complexities when done manually.

Challenges in Traditional Cloud Migration and Landing Zone Setup

According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, operational issues are identified as the primary barrier to achieving a successful cloud migration, with 70% of firms reporting this challenge. A staggering 50% of projects halt or fail completely during the migration process, making it a significant bottleneck in and of itself. Furthermore, according to an IDC survey, up to 30% of migration projects that use traditional manual migration methodologies fail to achieve their objectives, which can result in expensive delays, security flaws, and operational inefficiencies.

Traditional cloud migration, especially manual landing zone setup presents numerous challenges that can significantly impede the migration process and hinder the effective governance and management of cloud resources. Key obstacles include:

  • Lack of consistency and standardization across environments

  • Scalability limitations

  • Increased security and compliance risks

  • Resource misconfiguration and configuration drift

  • Documentation and knowledge transfer difficulties

  • Challenges in cost optimization

  • Resource-intensive monitoring and maintenance

  • Complexities in integrating with automated workflows

The above challenges, combined with other cloud migration issues such as creating secure configurations, optimal resource allocation, skill shortages, and operational inefficiencies, can derail the entire cloud migration process.

All of this significantly slows down the migration process, which results in lost opportunities and a delay in utilizing the cloud's transformative benefits.

To tackle these challenges, organizations are now turning to software-driven migration strategies that make use of hyper automation tools. Adopting a software-driven migration approach can help mitigate these challenges by automating and standardizing the deployment of a pre-configured, secure, and compliant landing zone in the cloud.

Why Software-Driven, Zero-code Migrations

A SaaS based, zero-code migration approach can help organizations overcome these challenges by automating and standardizing the deployment of a pre-configured, secure, and compliant landing zone in the cloud without requiring extensive coding or programming efforts. Many research studies shows that the organizations that adopt a zero-code migration strategy can reduce migration timelines significantly ranging from 20-50%, while minimizing errors and ensuring consistent, repeatable deployments.

Concierto is an industry leading comprehensive no-code platform that empowers organizations to achieve this goal, providing a range of powerful automated migration and landing zone setup capabilities. It streamlines and standardize the deployment of cloud resources, ensuring consistent configuration and minimizing errors. By embracing this approach, organizations eliminate manual efforts, save time, speed up the migration process, and create a secure, flexible, and affordable cloud environment without needing to have specialized coding skills.

How Concierto accelerates migration with automated landing zone creation

Concierto addresses the challenges of traditional migration and landing zone creation with a range of robust capabilities:

Built-in Security and Compliance

Concierto incorporates built-in security and compliance checks, ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations and best practices, including proper access controls, network segmentation, encryption, and other security measures.

Blueprint Mapping, and Network Layout

Concierto enables organizations to map their on-premises infrastructure blueprints to the target cloud environment, automatically configuring the network layouts based on best practices.

Automated Resource Provisioning and Configuration

Through automation, Concierto streamlines the provisioning and configuration of cloud resources, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors, even for complex application architectures, all via a user-friendly, no-code interface.

Centralized Monitoring and Logging

Concierto enables centralized monitoring and logging across on-premises and cloud environments, providing visibility for effective troubleshooting, incident response, and proactive management.

Robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

It facilitates the design and implementation of robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, ensuring business resilience and minimizing downtime or data loss.

Workflow-based Approvals

Concierto incorporates workflow-based approvals, allowing organizations to define and enforce approval processes for various migration stages, ensuring proper governance and control over the migration journey.

Cost Optimization

Concierto's cost optimization features help organizations accurately estimate and manage their cloud costs through intelligent workload analysis, rightsizing recommendations, and cost governance policies, maximizing return on investment, without the need for complex cost modelling.

Concierto uses automation to reduce the time and work needed for landing zone deployment. By facilitating brownfield adjustments and greenfield landing zone constructions in accordance with industry standards and best practices, this automated deployment technique benefits customers. It permits the automated landing zone development process to incorporate security policies and configurations that are customized to the unique needs of the enterprise.

Although there are numerous migration tools on the market, Concierto stands out by offering an end-to-end hyper automated and comprehensive solution that surpasses basic migration capabilities. With its intuitive interface and zero-code approach, it caters to enterprises of all sizes and cloud expertise levels.

But that's not all. Concierto also offers hybrid cloud service management, cloud spending insights, and automated resource optimization and issue resolution. With Concierto, you can maintain control, monitor costs, and ensure smooth operations throughout your cloud journey. It’s well-crafted engineering eliminate manual tasks and ensure consistent configurations aligned with best practices. Concierto truly stands out as a game-changer in cloud migration, providing unmatched capabilities.


In the rapidly evolving cloud landscape, organizations must embrace cutting-edge strategies to expedite their migration journeys while ensuring security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Organizations can now achieve velocity and precision throughout the migration process without requiring coding or programming thanks to Concierto's automated landing zone construction and zero-code migration capabilities. With its advanced capabilities, it drastically cuts down on the time and effort needed for landing zone deployment when compared to manual approaches. Concierto assists businesses in building a secure, scalable, and optimized cloud environment that facilitates digital transformation and growth -all this is achieved through a combination of features such as cost-saving features, centralized monitoring and logging, integrated security and compliance controls, and hyper-automations. These features can all be accessed via a simple, no-code interface.

Let Concierto take care of all the heavy lifting in a zero-code hyper automated manner on a single pane of glass, so that you can migrate to the cloud quickly and effortlessly.


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