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Enterprises today are seeking to generate a unified and holistic view of their IT operations by implementing an agile and efficient setup that can effectively orchestrate end-to-end workflows.

Concierto.cloud, a Trianz trademark, fuses with various next-generation independent software vendor solutions to facilitate seamless cloud infrastructure operations, and deliver a 360-degree view of infrastructure and applications.

Unleash efficiencies in your Cloud Operations

As 'cloud-first' companies embrace multicloud strategies for effective IT operations, complexities in cloud infrastructure keep increasing. Larger volumes of workloads are being migrated from on-premises, with services varying for public, private and hybrid clouds. However, conventional infrastructure and server management tools are not equipped to adapt to these new trends. Most organizations rely on multiple standalone ISV solutions that differ in interfaces and capabilities, are access controlled, and operate asynchronously. Therefore, seamless abstraction of IaaS and PaaS components has become challenging.

Introducing Concierto.cloud for Cloud Operations

Concierto.cloud addresses some of the most significant Cloud Infrastructure Management issues prevailing in the IT operations today. These include:

Unified View Across your Infrastructure: Concierto.cloud offers a consistent view of the latest events from your monitoring tools and key statistics (uptime/downtime) of your hosts on AWS/Azure.

Constant Compliance Checks: Concierto.cloud’s Auto Cloud Audit keeps track of the current state of your infrastructure to ensure that every change in your infrastructure is captured, raised and analyzed.

Centralized ITSM Hub: Concierto.cloud comes with a centralized ITSM hub with 24x7 support and tooling to offer incident, problem, SR and change management tooling right out of the box.

Self Service Catalog: In Concierto.cloud, using Service Catalog, users can spawn new hosts from OP manager approved AMI Images. Using Orchestration module, users can run Ansible Playbooks to spawn full environments with a single click!

Simpler Cloud Operations - Concierto.cloud offers one tool to access all the Cloud Operations Controller (CLOC) monitoring products.

Concierto.cloud offers 360° intuitive view across all monitoring platforms, and easier billing.

Secure Access through SAML: In Concierto.cloud, users can access all your monitoring tools and CSP accounts through SAML-based integrations. Using SAML-based authentication ensures that tools including CSPs like AWS and tools like Datadog/Statuscake allow direct login using our IDP.

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Our Clients

Our diverse clientele includes global Fortune 1000 corporations and emerging, innovative companies across industries. Our Commitment towards high-quality services and strategic, long-term relationships have earned us the reputation as the 'Partner of Choice'.

Accour Plus

A Customized merchandise and clothing company


Fortune 500 engineering services firm

Alma Mater

Global manufactures equipment for the railroad, marine, mining, and energy generation industries

amazon Seller

One of the largest resellers in a leading online shopping marketing in india

Amazon Cloud

Large reseller on leading ecommerce platform

Azim Premji Foundation

An independent freight forwarding, removal and relocation and project logistics companies


A global software conglomerate's subsidiary that offers, innovative software products


Leading Premium and Branded pens manufacturer

Edge Verve

Leading provider of Services for small and medium-sized business in e-commerce


Provider of cloud-based field service management solutions

GE ServiceMax

A French multinational hospitality company that owns hotels, resorts, and vacation properties

GE Transportation

Not-for-profit organization leading the improvement of health care throughout the world


A leading provider of real-time, integrated clinical trial solutions

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

A full service consulting firm dedicated to research and training for under-served populations


Provider of securely hosted analytical, risk and compliance management solutions

Life Style

A premier advisory services firm for seekers of Islamic finance solutions and investors

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