AWS and Trianz Unveil Strategic Partnership to Propel Global VMware to AWS Migrations with

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Trianz have elevated their partnership to leverage the lifecycle capabilities of in VMware migrations. This partnership is poised to revolutionize the global VMware to AWS migration landscape, providing enterprises with a sophisticated, swift, and reliable pathway to comprehensive AWS cloud adoption and managing it with ease.

Sophisticated Migration, Management and Maximization with stands as the only cloud lifecycle platform that integrates Migration, Management, Modernization, and Maximizing capabilities into a single solution. As a leader in hyper-automated, zero-code cloud management, is crucial to this initiative. The platform is meticulously designed to simplify and expedite the migration of VMware environments to AWS, enabling organizations to manage their hybrid-multicloud environments and optimize their cloud for the highest possible ROI.

Core Advantages of the Partnership:

  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Management uniquely supports every phase of the cloud journey—from initial migration through ongoing management, to modernization and maximizing cloud potential. This holistic approach ensures continuous improvement and optimization of cloud environments.

  • Streamlined Zero-Code VMware Migration's advanced zero-code technology accelerates large-scale IT migrations, significantly reducing complexity and minimizing error rates, ensuring a seamless transition for businesses adopting AWS.

  • Guaranteed Outcome Certainty

    The partnership delivers reliable and predictable migration outcomes. integrates sophisticated automation tools with deep analytics and real-time monitoring, aligning all migration activities with strategic business goals to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely project completion.

  • Advanced Management for Day 2 Operations

    Beyond migration, excels in managing complex cloud environments, providing tools for automated scaling, resource allocation, security compliance, and performance monitoring, ensuring businesses not only migrate but thrive in their new AWS environment.

  • Enhanced Observability and Financial Operations (FinOps) offers comprehensive insights into SLAs, performance metrics, and financial operations. Its FinOps capabilities allow businesses to set budgets, monitor expenses, and instantly remediate anomalies through AI-driven automation, boosting ROI and enhancing transparency.

  • Workforce Transition & Adaptation has been specifically designed to make learning and transitions easy for workforces that are trained in managing On-Prem infrastructures. not only helps this pool of talent adapt to hybrid environments but also preserves precious business and IT experience it carries for the company.

  • Unmatched Global Support

    Leveraging AWS's global infrastructure and Trianz's expertise, enterprises worldwide can now undertake VMware migrations with unparalleled support and guidance.


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