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Evaluate your IT environment, align cloud strategies with business objectives, and develop a comprehensive migration plan

Want to Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption Journey?

As businesses prepare to transition to the cloud, they face several challenges, including understanding the complexities of their existing IT infrastructure, managing application dependencies, and ensuring data security and compliance. These challenges can impede the success of cloud adoption if not properly addressed. Creating a clear migration roadmap demands a complete understanding of your existing IT environment and potential pitfalls.

Comprehensive cloud assessments are essential in navigating these challenges. They serve as the bedrock of a successful migration by eliminating complexities, identifying potential risks, estimating costs, and providing a clear roadmap for the journey ahead.

Concierto Migration Assessment & Cloud Foundation

Concierto's Migration Assessment and Cloud Foundation Services are designed for organizations aiming to migrate to the cloud effectively and efficiently. Our services enable a thorough evaluation of your IT environment, alignment of cloud strategies with business goals, and the development of a comprehensive migration plan. This leads to improved performance, cost savings, and the ability to leverage advanced cloud capabilities for future growth and innovation.

Our team of expert professionals, using the Concierto Platform, guides you through each step of your cloud transformation journey, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.


How do we do the Assessment?

Concierto addresses the challenges faced in traditional assessments by leveraging automation and advanced analytics. Our experts leverage Concierto to provide a seamless, accurate, and efficient cloud migration experience, ensuring thorough data collection, insightful analysis, precise cost optimization, and robust compliance and security measures.

Detailed Inventory Analysis

Concierto’s discovery tools, used by our experts, provide in-depth insights into your infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive cataloguing and analysis for a smooth migration process.

Performance Baseline

Our experts use Concierto’s tools to monitor your infrastructure performance, recommending optimal cloud resources for cost-effective, high-performing applications.

Mapping and Compatibility

Our team aligns your infrastructure configurations and its performance metrics with cloud services, identifying compatibility challenges early to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Cost Management and Optimization

Concierto’s cost management tools and our expertise provide precise cost estimates and optimization recommendations for an efficient cloud environment.

Licensing Assessment

Analyze your current MS SQL, Oracle, and storage costs, providing post-BYOL or substituted cloud service cost analysis.

Rapid, Objective Reports

Concierto generates actionable reports within weeks, delivered through a Migrate User Portal for review and approval.

Global Service Availability

Concierto can assess infrastructure and applications globally, providing unified views for worldwide organizations.

Reusable Assessments

Concierto’s online assessments form a launchpad for rapid migrations, enabling decision-making and migration execution workflows.

Security & Certifications

Certified to ISO 20001, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, SOC I & SOC II, GDPR, MSP Verify, PCI DSS and CSA STAR. Custom certifications available upon request.


Concierto Migration Assessment & Cloud Foundation Services accelerate your cloud migration, enhance accuracy, optimize costs, and ensure robust security and compliance.

Comprehensive Current State Analysis

  • Gain detailed insights into your applications and infrastructure.

  • View analysis by organization, accounts, application, or infrastructure layers for a holistic understanding.

Objective and Accurate Insights

  • Benefit from system-generated analyses that avoid human bias and errors.

  • Ensure reliability and precision in your assessment results.

Facilitated Decision Making

  • Access assessment results online for easy review and action.

  • Integrate findings into migration workflows, making the assessment a launchpad for a smooth migration process.

Don't let the complexities of cloud migration slow you down—partner with Concierto for a smooth and successful transition. Take the first step towards future-proof IT operations. Contact us today to get started on your cloud migration journey.


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