Understanding VMware to AWS Migration Using Concierto: A Comprehensive Guide


Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Trianz collaboration leverages the state-of-art migration capabilities of Concierto to clear the way for VMware to AWS migrations. This partnership has been revolutionizing the global migration landscape, by providing enterprises with a sophisticated, rapid, and reliable solution for cloud adoption. Businesses in their VMware exit journey seek the benefits of AWS’s scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, Concierto has emerged as a game-changer by simplifying and automating the entire migration process.

The Current VMware Landscape and Its Challenges

In recent times, the VMware ecosystem has faced substantial shifts post Broadcom's acquisition of VMware. This scenario has introduced multiple challenges for VMware customers, mostly in the form of pricing adjustments, product discontinuations, and revised package offerings. Businesses now confront tough decisions: increase IT budgets, implement cost-saving measures elsewhere, or explore alternatives to VMware. Adding to the complexity, businesses are given a tight window of 4 to 6 weeks to accept Broadcom's new terms before contract renewal, causing widespread concern.

Historically, VMware has been a cornerstone in virtualization and cloud computing. However, these alterations force organizations to reassess their strategies, making the migration to AWS a compelling alternative for many.

Potential Challenges in Migration Through Traditional Solutions

Migrating from VMware to AWS using traditional solutions can present several challenges that may hinder the migration process:

Complexity and Manual Effort

Traditional migration methods often require extensive manual effort and in-depth knowledge of the underlying architecture. This complexity can lead to errors and increased time to completion.

Scripting and Command-Line Interfaces

These migrations typically rely heavily on scripting and command-line interfaces, which can be daunting for IT professionals who may not have extensive coding experience.

Limited Automation

Traditional tools often lack comprehensive automation, necessitating manual intervention at various stages of the migration process. This can increase the risk of human error and prolong the migration timeline.

Inadequate Testing Environments

Ensuring a successful migration requires thorough testing in a sandbox environment. Traditional solutions may not provide robust testing capabilities, leading to potential issues post-migration.

Resource and Cost Overruns

Manual processes and limited automation can result in resource-intensive migrations, driving up costs and requiring more manpower than anticipated.

Dependency Management

Managing dependencies between applications, databases, and storage can be complex and error-prone without automated discovery and assessment tools.

These challenges underscore the need for a more streamlined, automated approach to migration—one that Concierto effectively addresses.

Migration from VMware to AWS by Concierto

Migration Strategy:

  • Migrate individual apps or migrate in bulk

    Concierto Migrate allows you to transfer workloads from On-Prem to any cloud. Concierto comes with a pre-built collection of automated migration catalogs for popular workloads. These catalogs facilitate the migration of Applications, Operating Systems, Databases, and attached Storage to any of the three major clouds—AWS, Azure, or GCP.

  • Migration catalogs

    Harmonized across cloud providers with step-by-step guided wizards for planning and execution, these catalogs support the migration of individual applications, bulk migrations, or even entire data centers. Concierto Migrate enables the following:

    • Selection of a Data Center:

      Real-estate definition and targeting

    • Connectivity:

      With VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM for Application/Datacenter Discovery

    • Application/Datacenter Discovery:

      Concierto can connect with existing CMDB in your enterprise to import real-estate details or use a non-intrusive, agentless approach to analyze data.

    • Discovery Capabilities:

      Includes automated discovery of all applications, databases, operating systems, and storage within a data center, as well as dependencies on application servers.

  • Automated Assessment

    • Real-estate demographics:

      Types, distribution, and counts of various web servers, databases, VMs, storage, etc.

    • R-Assessment:

      Evaluation of applications based on a selected cloud platform—Rehost, Re-platform, Refactor, Retire, or Replace. Concierto recommends Rehosting and Re-platforming.

    • Application Classification:

      Based on complex dimensions such as size, vintage, number of dependencies, etc.

  • Automated Move Group Creation

    Concierto’s discovery capabilities allow it to create 'move groups'. These groups can be automatically created and then approved or modified by IT managers through simple, click-through workflows.

  • Migration Execution

    Concierto Migrate's workflows allow teams to sequence and schedule the movement of each move group. Built-in workflows notify different groups involved in complex migrations about the target infrastructure and timing of migration execution. Once a schedule is set, Concierto enables migration execution and cutover with minimal downtime.

Advantages of Concierto

  • Zero-Code Automation:

    Concierto’s zero-code platform eliminates the need for scripting or command-line interfaces, making migrations accessible to all IT professionals, even those without deep coding expertise.

  • Simplified Migration Workflows:

    The platform offers ready-to-use catalogs and intuitive wizards that guide users through the migration process step-by-step.

  • Comprehensive Testing:

    Concierto ensures all migrations are thoroughly tested in a sandbox environment to identify and resolve potential issues before going live.

  • Unified Management:

    Post-migration, Concierto provides tools for continuous management, optimization, and monitoring of AWS environments.

Business Benefits

  • Migrate Faster and Pay for Workloads Migrated Successfully - Not Efforts:

    Do it yourself or utilize our managed services. Migrate to AWS, Azure, or GCP faster with our zero-code platform, ready-to-use migration catalogs, and simple wizards and workflows for bulk migrations. No more paying for time and material basis regardless of outcomes. Pay only for applications, storage, or VMs migrated.

  • Prepare for the Day After Migrations:

    Your cloud journey and challenges only begin with the migrations. Our professional services will provide a quick Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect, or Replace assessment to help you avoid day-after migration nightmares. Plan, prepare, and transition efficiently.

  • Deliver Services on the Hybrid Cloud Faster:

    Concierto provides one single IT Ops lifecycle, and hundreds of readymade and ever-growing automations for all AWS, Azure, GCP, and On-Prem environments. You can add your automation, and custom workflows, and request new ones at no extra cost.

  • One Single Team for All Clouds:

    With harmonized processes for the entire lifecycle—from provisioning to IT Ops and optimization to decommissioning—across applications, databases, OS, storage, and network layers, Concierto enables a true shared services model. The zero-code model and simplified click-through processes eliminate the need for deep cloud and on-prem-specific expertise.

  • Eliminate Redundant Legacy Software

    A UX-based hub with automation for all environments helps you manage the entire hybrid cloud ops cycle, beginning with provisioning, requests, incidents, change, health checks, patching, and decommissioning. Concierto's native monitoring, event management, hybrid cloud IT Ops, CMDB, and orchestration platforms help you eliminate expensive, hard-to-manage legacy software that doesn’t serve your needs.

  • Pay on a SaaS Model - Reduce Steady State Costs

    Unlike legacy ITSM platforms built for managing on-prem environments, Concierto is SaaS and built for multi and hybrid cloud from the ground up. It takes only weeks to deploy, has zero licensing costs, and you pay for workloads managed. A smaller team, automation, and the elimination of redundant legacy software reduce your TCO by up to 30%.

Concierto Management and Maximize Solutions

Concierto Manage

Beyond migration, Concierto extends its capabilities to ongoing management of your AWS environment. Concierto Management provides a unified platform for handling all aspects of IT operations, from provisioning and configuration to monitoring and incident management. Key features include automated health checks, patch management, real-time monitoring, and incident management. These features ensure that your cloud infrastructure remains robust, secure, and optimized, reducing the operational burden on IT teams and allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Concierto Maximize

As part of its comprehensive cloud journey platform, Concierto Maximize focuses on optimizing cloud performance and costs. This multi-dimensional analytics solution covers operations, performance, events, and financial management across AWS, Azure, and GCP. By providing predictive and preventive analytics, Concierto Maximize allows IT teams to set up plans, budgets, controls, triggers, and alerts to optimize capacity and prevent cloud waste. Features such as fin-ops capabilities, capacity planning, and cost optimization ensure that cloud resources are used efficiently, helping organizations reduce costs and achieve a higher return on investment.


The VMware to AWS migration, facilitated by Concierto, offers a reliable, efficient, and simplified pathway for organizations looking to navigate the complexities of the current VMware landscape. By leveraging the automation, analytics, and unified management capabilities of Concierto, businesses can achieve a seamless transition to AWS, unlocking the full potential of cloud adoption while minimizing costs and operational challenges. Concierto's extended capabilities in management and optimization further ensure that your cloud journey is comprehensive and future-proof.

For more information and to explore how Concierto can support your migration journey, visit Concierto.


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