Concierto.cloud is an omnicloud operations platform designed to provide enterprises with a unified and holistic view of their IT operations, spanning infrastructure and applications. The platform comes pre-integrated with some leading independent third-party solutions to deliver intelligent dashboards for IaaS and PaaS deployments.

Integrated Cloud and Infrastructure Operations Management Platform

As organizations embrace a cloud strategy and  deploy or migrate workloads to the cloud, deployment scenarios vary across public, private, multi-cloud, hybrid. These are  either as a result of business strategy or need. The common theme in this changing landscape, is increased complexities in cloud infrastructure deployment, management, operations and governance given the new paradigms of DevOps, multiple tool chains and application stacks themselves becoming more complex. 

Conventional infrastructure management tools are not equipped to adapt to these new trends. Most organizations rely on multiple standalone new-age ISV solutions that differ in interfaces and capabilities, have independent access control mechanisms, and operate asynchronously. Therefore presenting a unified operations view of IaaS and PaaS components has become challenging. 

Concierto.cloud, Trianz’s new integrated cloud and infrastructure operations management platform, offers core functionality for operations, with integration capabilities for best-in-class ISV solutions. Recognizing the growing need for a simple, yet holistic, view of operations, Concierto.cloud offers core ITSM features adopting the cloud philosophy of agility and flexibility in an intuitive manner. Our platform enables users with a 360-degree view of infrastructure health, in addition to synergizing a multitude of IT operations including Service Request Management, Inventory Management, Job Scheduling, Workflow Management, Project Management, Reporting and Analytics. 


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Key Capabilities

  • Integrated cloud and infrastructure operations
  • Core functionality of operations while integrating best-in-class ISV solutions
  • Cloud first with multi-cloud and on-premises support
  • Integrated bastion infrastructure for secure access
  • Single sign-on integration for seamless cross-account support access
  • Core ITSM features
  • High level of automation