Deploying, managing and governing cloud infrastructure and applications effectively is becoming more complex for enterprises, as they migrate workloads to public, private or hybrid clouds.

Concierto.cloud synergizes core ITSM features including service request management, inventory management, job scheduling, workflow management, project management, and reporting and analytics to deliver a 360-degree view of infrastructure health.

Concierto.cloud Features

The lack of seamless integration between disparate fragmented independent software vendor solutions means companies struggle to generate an all-inclusive, one-stop view of their infrastructure and applications.

Concierto.cloud helps organizations address this challenge by delivering core functionality of operations, and integrating smoothly with ISV applications spanning IaaS and PaaS. Other key capabilities of the multicloud operations aggregator platform include multi-cloud and on-premise support, integrated bastion infrastructure for secure access, and single sign-on integration for cross-account support access. Embedded with some of the prominent third-party solutions, Concierto.cloud helps enterprises run seamless cloud infrastructure operations, and provisions actionable insights across cloud deployments.


Our highly functional, cloud-based ticketing module enables crucial ITIL workflows including incident management, problem management, service request management and change management.

It allows users to record root causes that underpin a given problem, and is integrated with the ticketing system to ensure users can initiate RCA from inside a ticket. Post initiation of a RCA ticket, users can edit the same to update the issue details including symptoms and impact.

It delivers a simple dashboard for users to access turnkey monitoring tools for their respective client projects. Users can only access the permissions-controlled portal mapped to their clients.

This delivers a personalized, on-demand snapshot of the state of the system with regard to the concerned client.

It helps add, update and delete clients, and lets authorized users edit individual client profiles, modify services, and add features such as configuring monitoring, user mapping and SLA drafting.

The module, which orchestrates the management of all Concierto.cloud users, allows authenticated stakeholders to browse profiles and edit individual data including password, user name, contact information and status (active/inactive).

The module empowers end users to plan, schedule, break down high-level activity into subtasks, and secure approval for planned changes. A pre-built integration with the ticketing module means users can raise a ticket from PA itself, without having to log in separately.

This tab helps users define, create ad schedule simple activities through metadata, which includes parameters such as schedule name, client identity, start/end dates. Users also are able to add description, and select task details including CSP, region, instance and action.

It allows special privilege users to set up the system, individual modules and user profiles through functionalities like groups, roles and ticket settings.

Using this tab, users can create standardized, predefined tickets with embedded metadata via a simple-to-use form. Users essentially need to enter the salient information relevant to the form type, following which a ticket is automatically created, prioritized and assigned.

It lets users build projects, allocate work to individual users, set up activities, and initiate minutes of meeting. The module enables employees to track their time and effort on specific activities for productivity enhancement.

Comprising the AWS and Azure sub-modules, this module empowers users to discover, update and take actions on specific hosts with regard to individual client inventories, directly from its interface.

It helps end users track the minutes of various meetings on a project-wise basis, for productivity improvement. The module’s in-built email functionality allows users to share the minutes with all attendees, and also lets them record minutes associated with any project.

This intuitive module enables end users to quickly self-provision cloud instances built from standardized, tagged images, based on their preferred configurations, environments and regions.

It enables faster audits by letting you can know, at a granular level, the real-time state of the system, in terms of the cloud setup’s configuration, updates and modifications, etc.

It allows enterprise users to orchestrate cloud applications with a few clicks and a playbook. In case of application reruns, users can simply reuse the previously uploaded scripts, or create a new copy in line with their requirements.

Concierto.cloud is deeply integrated with multiple 3P modules. As soon as an event occurs on your infrastructure or applications and we receive an alert from the tools, it undergoes evaluation and transformation to ensure the right action of the right priority level is taken.


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