Beyond VMWare Migrations to AWS: Manage your Hybrid Cloud with Concierto


Sumit Godiyal, Group Manager, Marketing

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses need reliable partners to help them navigate the complexities of cloud migrations and hybrid cloud management. Concierto, an advanced AWS preferred partner, stands out for its exceptional services in migrating VMware environments to AWS and providing comprehensive end-to-end hybrid cloud management. This blog explores how Concierto goes beyond mere migrations to offer robust management solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructures.

VMware Customers Shift to AWS & Concierto’s Role

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has introduced several challenges for existing VMware customers. Rising costs due to the shift from perpetual licensing to subscription-based models, the discontinuation of key products, and a strategic focus on larger enterprises have left many businesses seeking alternatives. These changes have made AWS an attractive option due to its robust infrastructure, cost efficiency, and comprehensive security and compliance frameworks. This backdrop highlights the need for efficient cloud migration tools and positions Concierto as an ideal partner for both migration and hybrid cloud management.

Concierto leverages a zero-code platform that simplifies the entire migration process. The platform's wizard-based approach allows for bulk migrations, significantly reducing the time and effort required. This not only cuts down on costs but also ensures that migrations are completed with minimal downtime, allowing businesses to continue their operations uninterrupted. Clients who have partnered with Concierto have reported substantial cost reductions and faster migration timelines, underscoring the effectiveness of Concierto's migration services.

Mastering Hybrid Cloud Management with Concierto

While migrating to AWS is a significant step, managing a hybrid cloud environment can be even more challenging. Hybrid cloud management involves overseeing resources spread across multiple cloud providers and on-premises environments. Concierto excels in this area, providing end-to-end management solutions that cover AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premises environments. With Concierto, businesses can manage their entire hybrid cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.

Managing a multi-cloud environment introduces several complexities that organizations must address. Integrating various cloud services from different providers can be challenging as each provider has its own APIs, management tools, and services, leading to compatibility issues and increased complexity in managing the environment. Achieving comprehensive visibility across multiple cloud platforms is difficult, and organizations often struggle to monitor and manage resources, performance, and security consistently across different clouds. Ensuring consistent security policies and compliance across multiple clouds is a significant challenge since each cloud provider has different security standards and compliance requirements, making it complex to enforce uniform policies. Managing costs across multiple cloud providers can also be cumbersome. Without centralized cost management tools, organizations may face unexpected expenses and difficulties in optimizing their cloud spending. Additionally, data integration, migration, and synchronization across multiple cloud environments pose challenges, and ensuring data consistency, availability, and security across clouds requires sophisticated tools and strategies.

Key Features of Concierto’s Hybrid Cloud Management

Concierto's hybrid cloud management solution is packed with features designed to streamline operations and enhance performance.

Hybrid Cloud Provisioning & Decommissioning

Concierto offers a powerful orchestration engine that includes an automation catalog for self-service support. This feature supports multi-tenant deployment and integrates seamlessly with multi-cloud CMDBs. It manages everything from infrastructure and environment provisioning to decommisioning.

User Administration

Security and accessibility are paramount in cloud management. Concierto provides comprehensive control over user access and identity, enabled by multi-tenancy. Features such as group-based segregation, resource administration, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensure robust security and high availability.

Catalog Incident, Change & Event Management

Managing IT services across multiple environments is simplified with Concierto. The platform supports automated incident and event creation, centralized event management, and ITIL-compliant catalog, incident, and change management. Intelligent noise reduction, event de-duplication, automated prioritization, RCA and impact analysis, one-click remediation, and integration with third-party ITSM solutions further enhance its capabilities.

Automated Orchestration & Multi-Cloud Optimization

Concierto provides state-of-the-art orchestration capabilities with total visibility across all clouds. The platform supports pipeline management with Terraform and other platforms, baseline automation, custom config/event automations, application or container deployment, and multi-cloud container movement and optimization.

Dynamic Hybrid Cloud CMDB

Concierto's CMDB is one of the most advanced, providing real-time updates with asset information and changes across all cloud and on-prem environments. It serves as a single source of truth, ensuring transparent management of dynamic cloud infrastructure, including compute, storage, microservices, and container elements.

Infra Health Checks & Compliance

Ensuring compliance and performing health checks are crucial. Concierto offers compliance blueprints by tenant, current baselines and gaps analysis, audit-ready compliance reports, public cloud platform changes and suggestions, revisions and upgrades to blueprints, and automated remediations.

Automated Patch Management

Managing patches across diverse environments is simplified with Concierto’s automated scans, sequencing, staging, execution, and failure remediation for both Windows and Unix servers.

360° Infra Analytics

Concierto provides comprehensive infrastructure analytics, including real-time and periodic reports, performance, utilization, consumption, financial projections, historical spend, threshold analytics, failure prevention, cloud consumption, cost optimization, and enterprise software license optimization opportunities.

Demonstrated Success & Impact of Concierto

Concierto's capabilities are not just theoretical; they deliver tangible benefits. Deploying the Concierto MANAGE Platform takes just 4 weeks, significantly faster than many alternatives. Clients have experienced up to 30% reductions in steady-state costs by leveraging Concierto's native solutions and avoiding third-party software expenses. Additionally, Concierto's automation features have led to over 50% faster time to market, all while incurring zero automation costs.

Integration and Support

Concierto's platform is designed for seamless integration with AWS. It comes with inbuilt capabilities for comprehensive cloud management but can also integrate with the best tools in the domain if needed. Moreover, Concierto offers extensive support and training to ensure that clients can maximize the benefits of their hybrid cloud environments.

Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority for Concierto. The platform includes inbuilt cloud security capabilities and can easily integrate with third-party tools to enhance security and compliance further. This flexibility ensures that clients can maintain robust security postures while meeting industry-specific compliance requirements.

Real-World Applications of Concierto's Hybrid Cloud Management

Businesses across various sectors have leveraged Concierto's hybrid cloud management capabilities to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. Organizations have benefited from Concierto's robust user administration and automated patch management to ensure data security and system reliability. Concierto's dynamic hybrid cloud CMDB has been particularly valuable for managing complex supply chains across multiple cloud environments. The ability to maintain a single source of truth for all cloud and on-premises CIS has enabled companies to improve transparency and coordination across their operations.

Future-Proofing Your Cloud Strategy with Concierto

As businesses continue to evolve, the need for flexible and scalable cloud solutions becomes increasingly important. Concierto's hybrid cloud management platform is designed to grow with your business, providing the tools and capabilities needed to adapt to changing demands and technologies. By leveraging Concierto's advanced features and robust support, businesses can future-proof their cloud strategies, ensuring they remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.


Concierto goes beyond simply migrating VMware environments to AWS. Its comprehensive hybrid cloud management solutions offer businesses the tools they need to manage complex cloud environments efficiently and effectively. With features designed to enhance performance, reduce costs, manage steady-state operations for Hybrid Cloud and provide 360-degree observability for FinOps, Concierto is the ideal partner for businesses looking to embark on a Cloud Transformation journey.

Concierto also offers the Maximize capability, which provides multi-dimensional analytics for performance, events, and financial operations across all supported cloud environments. This feature helps in optimizing capacity, preventing cloud waste, and reducing overall cloud costs. With Maximize, businesses can gain deeper insights into their cloud operations, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and enhanced decision-making.

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By leveraging the advanced features and robust support offered by Concierto, businesses can navigate the complexities of hybrid cloud management with confidence, ensuring they remain agile and competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


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