Benefits of Multi-Cloud Management

Achieve a unified and holistic view of your IT operations, spanning infrastructure and applications.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Predict what You want Next

First things first- Manage Cloud Operations in the Cloud Paradigm!

Seasoned IT operations professionals already know the difference between traditional on-prem infrastructure and the Cloud paradigm. As cloud adoption increases at the applications and data levels, the pressure on infrastructure from volume and variety will only increase.

Concierto.Cloud is architected with a ‘cloud first’ principle. Its goal is to help IT Ops adopt cloud paradigms, deliver superior services and migrate away from expensive and slow on-prem infrastructures.

All Cloud & On Prem Operations- from a Single Pane of Glass


Velocity, Productivity, Efficiency & Cost Optimization

Concierto.Cloud offers a multitude of benefits through its unified and highly automated cloud operations. Here’s a quick snapshot:





Risk Reduction & Avoidance


Accelerated delivery of services with automation templates throughout the platform


automation by end of Year 1 and 60% by end of Year 2


Gain control over ALL Cloud and On-Prem IT through a unified analytics platform


Reduce ITSM & 3rd party SW costs with Concierto.Cloud and cloud native tools


Risk reduction by using automation thus reducing manual errors
Improve ‘business as a service’ with a predictive and proactive stance Reduce Headcount up to 40% at scale Optimize Cloud capacity & SW across the enterprise to reduce licensing costs Reduce cost of IT operations by >30% at scale Secure & Complaint Cloud Operations

Regain time, visibility and control. Determine what you want to do, when and on which platform.

Concierto transforms and grows MSPs’ businesses by accelerating customers’ Cloud adoption


Lower costs propel customers to migrate infrastructure to the cloud. By managing both On Prem & On Cloud Infra using Concierto, MSPs are in the drivers’ seat to deliver migration services, a broader portfolio and accelerate revenues


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