Simplify Cloud Management with Process Automation

By automating key components of the platform migration process, your new operations management platform will be ready-to-go from day one.

Don’t fall behind with Traditional ITSM Platforms

Traditional IT service management platforms are designed on a transactional and reactive approach which assumes ‘low change’ compute, storage and application environments. Furthermore, they are architected on a siloed basis with multiple loops and layers of approvals and governance. Finally, data is a by-product in traditional ITSM platforms. This approach does not scale in the cloud paradigm.

The parameters that govern cloud based environments are changing and evolving at a very rapid pace with AWS and Azure alone launching over 500 features per year- each. Everything that traditional ITSM assumes goes counter to the cloud paradigm. Changes to storage and compute features; applications and data are rapid and take place at many levels simultaneously.

Siloed applications for ITSM, CMDB, patch management, orchestration and monitoring increase the time taken to execute on tasks. Given their transactional nature, they keep IT operations teams constantly behind the curve. As cloud adoption increases, this challenge gets worse.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Predict what You want Next

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Predict what You want Next

Concierto.Cloud is architected with a ‘Cloud First’ and a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ approach. From an automation perspective, our platform applies new concepts such as lifecycle and ‘relational’ transactions; predictive and prioritized actions; simultaneity, ‘fire and forget’ execution.

Furthermore, data in Concierto.Cloud is a product- not a by-product. Our platform harvests your data for you and suggests next generation of automation and AI that your engineering teams can leverage.

Automation across Concierto.Cloud

The following table shows just a sampling of automation available across various modules of Concierto.Cloud


Sample Automations


Automated Provisioning & Deployment
  • New Infra Provisioning
  • Secured Application provisioning
  • Provisioning of Business Continuity Environment
  • Increased productivity: enabling employees to focus more on business initiatives and technology innovations
  • Operational effectiveness translating to ~30% YoY cost savings
  • Improved accuracy and reliability ensuring defect free operations
  • Faster turn-around; Reduce deployment timeline from days to minutes
Identity & Access Management
  • SSO Enablement across ITOM/ITSM solutions
  • Automated privileged access Management
Catalog, Incident, Change & Event Management
  • Self-healing automations for break-fix incidents
  • Automation of standard & pre-approved Infrastructure changes
  • Service catalog fulfillment
Automated Orchestration & Multi-Cloud Optimization
  • Container deployment
  • AI/ML driven automation library with 100+ pre-defined templates for Multi Cloud environment
  • Security compliance automation
Dynamic Multi-Cloud CMDB & Asset Management
  • Dynamic CI refresh and relationship mapping based on Orchestration and Automation
  • Real time Software usage reports
  • Audit compliance reporting
Automated Patch Management
  • Multi cloud / cross -platform automated patching
  • Automated patching based on Vulnerability scanning
Health & Compliance
  • Health scanning for OS, Middleware and Database
  • Automated health remediation
  • Audit ready compliance reporting
Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Predict what You want Next

Aggregate Benefits: Giving you back Time & Control

The above list of automations is just a sampling of what’s available across the platform. The cost and labor benefits from automation are obvious. However, what Concierto.Cloud automation aggregate is to drive your velocity to a point where you are ahead of changes introduced by public cloud providers OR are in a position of making intelligent choices of what YOU want or do not want.

Concierto.Cloud gives you back time on a relative basis and the luxury of control.


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